Distance Learning & Videoconferences

The Welfare Reform Academy hosts interactive conferences on welfare reform throughout the year. The conferences are broadcast via satellite from the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C. Past series have included sites in over 40 states and the Virgin Islands.

The target audiences for the conferences are: state, local, and federal government officials in welfare agencies; private and non-profit sector professionals in human services; media; professors and students of public policy; corporations participating in welfare-to-work hiring; and the interested public.

Contact us for more information or call (202) 862-5941.

Past Conferences

Recognizing Child Abuse
January - June 2001
Child Abuse Identification and Reporting
October 6, 1999
Abstinence Education Grants and Welfare Reform
June 6, 1997
Welfare Reform: What Happens After Time Limits, Sanctions, and Diversions?
February 6, 1998
Preventing Second Births to Teenage Mothers: Demonstration Findings
March 6, 1998
Child Care and Welfare Reform
April 3, 1998
Teenage Sexual Activity and Contraceptive Use: An Update
May 1, 1998
Pregnancy Prevention and Welfare Reform
June 5, 1998
Welfare Reform Two Years Later
July 30, 1998

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