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Welfare Reform

Congressional Testimony

Testimony on TANF, House Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Human Resources, September 8, 2011 [PDF]
Douglas J. Besharov
Testimony on State Implementation of Work Requirements Under Welfare Reform, House Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Human Resources, March 7, 2002 [PDF]
Douglas J. Besharov
Testimony on the Effects of Welfare Reform, House Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Human Resources, May 27, 1999
Douglas J. Besharov
Testimony on Unmarried Mothers and Welfare Reform, Senate Committee on Finance, March 14, 1995
Douglas J. Besharov

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Books, Monographs, and Papers

Welfare States Amid Economic Turmoil: Adjusting Work-oriented Policy [PDF], Policy & Politics, 2011
Neil Gilbert and Douglas J. Besharov
JPAM Classics: Poverty, Welfare, and Public Policy - Introduction [PDF], Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 2009
Douglas J. Besharov and Douglas M. Call
Two Cheers for American Welfare Reform -- Lessons Learned, Questions Raised, Next Steps [PDF], Policy Exchange, 2008
Douglas J. Besharov
Social Welfare Conservatism [PDF], AEI On the Issue, January 2008
Douglas J. Besharov
Beyond the Safety Net: A Brief Review Forty Years after the War on Poverty [PDF], November 3, 2006
Douglas J. Besharov
Two Cheers for Welfare Reform, AEI On the Issue, August 2006
Douglas J. Besharov
Full-Engagement Welfare in New York City: Lessons for TANF's Participation Requirements [PDF], August 2004
Douglas J. Besharov and Peter Germanis
Toughening TANF [PDF], March 2004
Douglas J. Besharov and Peter Germanis
Creating a Marketplace for Social Welfare Services [PDF], December 12, 2003
Douglas J. Besharov
The Past and Future of Welfare Reform, Public Interest, Winter 2003
Douglas J. Besharov
Family Well-Being After Welfare Reform, 2003
Douglas J. Besharov, Ed.
Four Evaluations of Welfare Reform: What Will Be Learned, 2001
Douglas J. Besharov and Peter Germanis, ed., Peter H. Rossi
Data Needs for Measuring Family and Fertility Change After Welfare Reform, June 2001
Douglas J. Besharov, ed., William D. Mosher and Joyce C. Abma, Stephanie J. Ventura, and Stanley K. Henshaw
Child Care after Welfare Reform [PDF], 2001
Douglas J. Besharov and Nazanin Samari
Welfare Reform: Four Years Later, Public Interest, Summer 2000
Douglas J. Besharov and Peter Germanis
The Next Challenge: It's finding jobs for those with physical or mental problems, illiterates, and those with drug and alcohol problems [PDF], in "Special Report---Is Welfare Reform Working?" The World & I, January 2000
Douglas J. Besharov
Making Food Stamps Part of Welfare Reform [PDF], Policy & Practice, June 1999
Douglas J. Besharov and Peter Germanis
Preventing Subsequent Births to Welfare Mothers
Douglas J. Besharov and Peter Germanis, ed.
Evaluating Welfare Reform: A Guide for Scholars and Practitioners, 1997 (PDF Version).
Douglas J. Besharov, Peter Germanis and Peter H. Rossi
Why Can't GOP Stand, Deliver Against Clinton? [PDF] Insight on the News, August 11, 1997
Douglas J. Besharov
Bottom-up Funding [PDF], 1996
Douglas J. Besharov
Health Related Welfare Rules [PDF], November 1996
Douglas J. Besharov, Kristina Tanasichuk White, and Mark B. Coggeshall
Welfare Reform and Marriage [PDF], The Public Interest, Fall 1996
Douglas J. Besharov and Timothy S. Sullivan
Welfare as We Know It [PDF], Slate, July 16, 1996
Douglas J. Besharov
Work, Not Job Training [PDF], AEI On the Issue, February 28, 1996
Douglas J. Besharov
Paternalism and Welfare Reform [PDF], The Public Interest, Winter 1996
Douglas J. Besharov and Karen N. Gardiner
Using Work to Reform Welfare [PDF], Public Welfare, Summer 1995
Douglas J. Besharov
Reorienting the Welfare State: "Bottom-up" vs. "Top-down" Funding [PDF], July 1995
Douglas J. Besharov
On the Reform of Welfare with Continued Dependency [PDF], Jobs & Capital, Winter 1995
Douglas J. Besharov
Making Illegitimacy Inconvenient: the Hard Truth about Welfare Reform [PDF], Crisis, March 1994
Douglas J. Besharov
Making Welfare Work: Building a System that Strengthens the Family, the Individual, the Community, Rising Tide, January/February 1994
Douglas J. Besharov
Welfare Reform, Or Just Renewal -- Economic Complications of Welfare Reform, [PDF] Insight, December 13, 1993
Douglas J. Besharov
The End of Welfare as We Know It? [PDF] The Public Interest, April 1, 1993
Douglas J. Besharov and Amy Fowler
The Moral Voice of Welfare Reform [PDF], 1993
Douglas J. Besharov
The Moral Dimensions of Charity [PDF], Alternatives in Philanthropy, May 1992
Douglas J. Besharov
The New Paternalism: Beware of Unintended Consequences: Too Many Questions Remain Unanswered [PDF], Public Welfare, Spring 1992
Douglas J. Besharov
Go Slow on the New Paternalism: paper prepared for "The Children's Roundtable" retreat at Boca Raton Resort and Club, Florida, February 13-16, 1992
Douglas J. Besharov

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The Right Kind of Hand Up [PDF], The Washington Post, November 19, 2007
Douglas J. Besharov
End Welfare Lite as We Know It [PDF], The New York Times, August 15, 2006
Douglas J. Besharov
There's More to Welfare Reform [PDF], The New York Times, March 6, 2004
Douglas J. Besharov
Welfare Rolls: On the Rise Again [PDF], The Washington Post, July 16, 2002
Douglas J. Besharov
Clinton Undermines Welfare Reform--With GOP Help [PDF], The Wall Street Journal, July 10, 1997
Douglas J. Besharov
Tightening the Welfare Noose (PDF version), The New York Times, January 15, 1997
Douglas J. Besharov
How to Help Welfare Mothers (PDF version), The New York Times, November 13, 1996
Douglas J. Besharov
Inner City Blues (PDF version), The Washington Post, October 13, 1996
Douglas J. Besharov
Shaping the Debate on Welfare Reform (PDF version), The Washington Post, August 11, 1996
Douglas J. Besharov
Waivers Change the Face of Welfare [PDF], The Los Angeles Times, June 20, 1996
Douglas J. Besharov
Welfare: An Albatross for Young Mothers [PDF], The Wall Street Journal, February 28, 1996
Douglas J. Besharov
A Monster of His Own Creation (PDF version), The Washington Post, Novemer 2, 1995
Douglas J. Besharov
Don't Expect Miracles; But a Few Rules Would Go a Long Way Toward Fixing the Welfare Mess (PDF version), The Washington Post, July 23, 1995
Douglas J. Besharov
The Welfare Balloon: Squeeze Hard on One Side and the Other Side Will Just Expand (PDF version), The Washington Post, June 11, 1995
Douglas J. Besharov
Orphanages Aren't Real Issue [PDF], The Plano Star Courier, January 29, 1995
Douglas J. Besharov
To Curb Welfare Use, Make It Uncomfortable (Letter to the Editor) [PDF], The Wall Street Journal, April 27, 1994
Douglas J. Besharov
Working to Make Welfare a Chore [PDF], The Wall Street Journal, February, 1994
Douglas J. Besharov
Orphanages Aren't Welfare Reform [PDF], The New York Times, January 20, 1994
Douglas J. Besharov
Escaping the Dole: For Young Unwed Mothers, Welfare Reform Alone Canít Make Work Pay [PDF], The Washington Post, December 12, 1993
Douglas J. Besharov
Welfare As We Don't Know It (PDF version), The Washington Post, July 4, 1993
Douglas J. Besharov
The Perverse Federal Incentive for Welfare Cuts (PDF version), Governing, February 1993
Douglas J. Besharov and Karen Baehler
That Other Clinton Promise -- Ending "Welfare as We Know It" [PDF], The Wall Street Journal, January 18, 1993
Douglas J. Besharov
Cautions for the New Paternalism (PDF version), The Washington Post, January 5, 1992
Douglas J. Besharov
Go Slow on Welfare Reform [PDF], The Wall Street Journal, March 18, 1987
Douglas J. Besharov

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Working Papers

Leaving Welfare Without Working: How do mothers do it? And what are the implications? [PDF]
Douglas J. Besharov
Mandatory Work-Related Activities for Welfare Recipients: The Next Step in Welfare Reform [PDF]
Marie Cohen

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Conference Papers

Welfare Reform Two Years Later, July 30, 1998

Welfare Reform: Two Years Later (Notes.)
Douglas J. Besharov
Lawrence Mead

Pregnancy Prevention and Welfare Reform, June 5, 1998

Opening Remarks
Douglas J. Besharov
Parents and Teens on Love, Sex, and Relationships: Research, Parents Tips, and Polling Data. (PDF Version.)
Sarah Brown
Repeat Pregnancy for Those Not Pregnant at Program Entry
Marva Hammons
Is There a Link Between Welfare Reform and Teen Pregnancy?
Richard Nathan
Understanding the Rise in Illegitimacy (Slides. Tables.)
Robert Rector

Child Care and Welfare Reform, April 3, 1998

Child Care Falling Short for Low-Income and Working Families. (Talking Points)
Helen Blank
Child Care and Welfare Reform.
The Hon. Larry E. Craig
Managed Day Care Makes Its Debut
Head Start and Welfare Reform [PDF]
Wade F. Horn
Spending on Early Childhood Care Programs and Research: An Analysis of Federal Departments, State Governments, and Foundations [PDF]
Pamela Jones, Christine Ross, and Stuart Kerachsky
State Efforts to Expand Child Care Programs (GAO Report - PDF. Slides.)
Mark Nadel
Child Care and Welfare Reform: The Wisconsin Experience. (Remarks. PDF Slides: 1-3, 4, 5, 6.)
John Weicher

Welfare Reform: What Happens After Time Limits, Sanctions, and Diversions?, February 6, 1998

Time Limiting Welfare: Lessons from the States
Judith Gueron
The New Welfare: Diversions, Sanctions, Time Limits
Lawrence M. Mead
Keynote Remarks
The Hon. Donna Shalala
Florida's Work and Gain Economic Self-Sufficiency (WAGES) Program [PDF]
Don Winstead

Abstinence Education Grants and Welfare Reform, June 6, 1997

Trends in Sexual Activity and Abstinence Among U.S. Men and Women (PDF Slides)
Christine Bachrach
Abstinence Education Grants Under Welfare Reform
David Bellis
Making Abstinence Work
Elayne Bennett
Using Abstinence Funding (Survey. Appendix.)
Sarah Brown
What Do We Know About Abstinence Programs?
Barbara Devaney
Abstinence Education Under Welfare Reform (Appendix A. Appendix B. Table 1.)
Ron Haskins and Carol Statuto Bevan
Abstinence Education Grants
Jodie Levin-Epstein
Programs and Approaches
Pat Funderburk Ware

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