Teen Sex and Non-Marital Births

Books, Monographs, and Papers

Data Needs for Measuring Family and Fertility Change After Welfare Reform, June 2001
Douglas J. Besharov, ed., William D. Mosher and Joyce C. Abma, Stephanie J. Ventura, and Stanley K. Henshaw
Preventing Youthful Disconnectedness [PDF], 1998
Douglas J. Besharov and Karen N. Gardiner
Preventing Subsequent Births to Welfare Mothers, February 1998
Douglas J. Besharov and Peter Germanis, ed.
Sex Education and Abstinence: Programs, Research, and Evaluation , January 1, 1997
Douglas J. Besharov et al.


The Contraceptive Gap: Millions for Cosmetics, Pennies for Better Birth Control [PDF], The Washington Post, March 12, 1995
Douglas J. Besharov
Life Is Not Just a Bowl of Condoms (PDF version), The Washington Post, May 1, 1994
Douglas J. Besharov
It's Time for Common Sense on Using Norplant [PDF], The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 23, 1993
Douglas J. Besharov
Teen Sex: Truth and Consequences (PDF version), The Orlando Sentinel, February 21, 1993
Douglas J. Besharov and Karen N. Gardiner
Beyond Murphy Brown: We're Ignorning the Fact that All Single Mothers Aren't Alike ( PDF version), The Washington Post, September 27, 1992
Douglas J. Besharov

Conference Papers

Pregnancy Prevention and Welfare Reform, June 5, 1998

Opening Remarks
Douglas J. Besharov
Parents and Teens on Love, Sex, and Relationships: Research, Parents Tips, and Polling Data. (PDF Version.)
Sarah Brown
Repeat Pregnancy for Those Not Pregnant at Program Entry
Marva Hammons
Is There a Link Between Welfare Reform and Teen Pregnancy?
Richard Nathan
Understanding the Rise in Illegitimacy (Slides. Tables.)
Robert Rector

Teenage Sexuality and Contraceptive Use, May 1, 1998

Teenage Sexual Behavior and Contraceptive Use: An Update. (PDF Version. Slides.)
Joyce Abma and Freya Sonenstein
Trends in Teen Sexual Behavior: Are They Real?.
Christine Bachrach
Trends in Teen Sexual Behavior [PDF]
Douglas J. Besharov and Karen Gardiner
Teens in Crisis: A Comprehensive Strategy to Protect Adolescent Health [PDF] (Slides)
Kate Michelman
Teenage Sexuality and Contraceptive Use: An Update
Tom Smith
Possible Explanations for Changes in Teenage Sexual Behavior [PDF]
Pat Funderburk Ware

Preventing Second Births to Teenage Mothers: Demonstration Findings, March 6, 1998

The Role of Psychological Factors
Marilyn Benoit
Opening Remarks (PDF Slides)
Douglas J. Besharov
Can Intervention Programs Prevent Subsequent Births to Teenage Mothers?
Lorraine Klerman
Research on Teen Parent Programs [PDF]
Rebecca Maynard
Repeat Teen Births (PDF Slides)
Kristin Moore
Prenatal and Infancy Home Visitation by Nurses: A Program of Research (Slides.)
David Olds

Abstinence Education Grants and Welfare Reform, June 6, 1997

Trends in Sexual Activity and Abstinence Among U.S. Men and Women (PDF Slides)
Christine Bachrach
Abstinence Education Grants Under Welfare Reform
David Bellis
Making Abstinence Work
Elayne Bennett
Using Abstinence Funding (Survey. Appendix.)
Sarah Brown
What Do We Know About Abstinence Programs?
Barbara Devaney
Abstinence Education Under Welfare Reform (Appendix A. Appendix B. Table 1.)
Ron Haskins and Carol Statuto Bevan
Abstinence Education Grants
Jodie Levin-Epstein
Programs and Approaches
Pat Funderburk Ware

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